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Obstetrical Ultrasounds

Sonographers specifically trained in perinatology
(high risk Obstetrics) ultrasound with a focus in
fetal echo cardiography (fetal heart ultrasound).

  1. Pregnancy ultrasounds, from routine to
    the detailed genetic: used to estimate
    fetal size, fetal age, growth and development,
    evaluate for birth defects
  2. Genetic ultrasound is a more detailed
    evaluation of fetal anatomy including
    the heart, face, spine and brain.
  3. First Trimester Screen: highly technical
    ultrasound used to evaluate for
    Down Syndrome

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Gynecology Ultrasounds

Sonographers specifically trained to perform
“pain mapping” pelvic ultrasounds by gynecological
radiologist, Dr. Roger Sanders. Dr. Sanders, former
Johns Hopkins Director of Ultrasound, is the author of
16 books on ultrasound. He is currently a Clinical
Professor of Radiology at the University of New Mexico
and Research Professor at Thomas Jefferson University
in Philadelphia.

Gynecology ultrasounds are helpful in evaluating
and diagnosing:

IUD placement
Abnormal uterine bleeding and pain
Uterine fibroids and polyps

Certain female organ related cancers, and
Many other GYN related conditions