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New Mexico Sonographics was founded in 1993
by two Sonographers, Janis Carrasco and Brenda
Brown. They both realized the need to bring
ultrasound technology to the rural parts of New
Mexico where access to ultrasounds was limited.

New Mexico Sonographics started as a mobile
service to provide New Mexico mothers and their
unborn babies the best ultrasound by the highest
trained sonographers. Socorro, NM was our first
outreach clinic site. We now have 18 outreach
sites throughout NM and four fixed sites:
Alamogordo, Farmington, Santa Fe, and our
home office in Albuquerque. We continue to add
sites as the need arises.


  • New Mexico Sonographics was the first to
    become accredited by the American Institute
    of Ultrasound in Medicine (AIUM) in the state
    of New Mexico.
  • New Mexico Sonographics was the first nationally
    AIUM accredited mobile practice.
  • We have been continuously AIUM accredited
    since 1997.
  • New Mexico Sonographics is certified in Nuchal
    Translucency through both NTQR (Nuchal
    Translucency Quality Review) and FMF
    (Fetal Maternal Foundation)

  • As an AIUM accredited facility, New Mexico
    Sonographics Inc, complies with all
    AIUM Guidelines
  • New Mexico Sonographics is certified in the
    pre-term labor screening through NTQR/CLEAR

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